Watertown is a magical town located about 40 miles east of Nashville, TN. Most buildings have been preserved as they once stood- a few, however, ruined by ignorant progress. The people of Watertown will go out of their way to accommodate you and make you feel as you are part of the town. The historic district is basically closed Monday and Tuesday with a few other shops not opening until Thursday. Restaurants, antique stores, and others fill the square and line Main Street, offering a great way to enjoy the historic district during the remainder of the week. Some of the restaurants offer live music and outdoor dining as well as some of the best locally prepared food around. Watertown holds a popular jazz festival in July along with other family oriented events held throughout the year.

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March 4, 2013

A great place for meeting friends with live music on the weekends, and make sure you say hello to Ron This restaurant offers BBQ, Fried Chicken, as well as other local favorites Business as usual in Watertown Nona Lisa Pizzeria, recommended as the best place to eat in Watertown
Just an interesting combination of color and detail As a child I had a toy truck much like this one The signage looks freshly painted but yet I wonder I'd say there are a few stories that could be shared
Looking west down Main Street I think I would enjoy a meal under the lights and vines on a summer evening Old bricks, old vines, new window Every town offers something unique
Back alleys always offer a different view Dixie Chicken, with a name like that how can you go wrong This building would make for a great small office They offer quality service, not beverages, chips, or lotto tickets
This building holds nothing but memories now South side of the square on Main Street This place had documented Watertown's past through a great image collection displayed on the walls - closed... maybe next time Another closed oppurtunity
What else took place in 1914, just a thought City hall on the east side of the square, note the old civil defense siren on the roof The Square, west side Looking east on Main Street
A western scene built against a solid block wall - movie set? Just not sure what they were trying to say One block north of Main Street It had to have been used in a music video
At least they are polite Portions of the sidewalks contain these dedication stones One block north of Main Street Tony Stampley live in Watertown March 4th, 2013