What was, is, & Will Be


I entered White County from Warren County traveling down Highway 136 and into the community of Walling. The Caney Fork River serves as the base for this community which sits between Sparta and McMinnville. Rock Island State Park and other local attractions feed the growing restaurants and specialty shops that are popping up around the Walling community. There is much to see and experience by exploring the
back-roads and taking the time to look around Walling.


Doyle has not been treated fairly by progress. This town once held a bank, hardware store, grocery store, gas stations, and other businesses. After the four lane was completed and bypassed the town, Doyle just seemed forgotten by the outside world. As I walked around the town shooting these images, people would approach me and share the history of the buildings, town, and it's people. There was a strong pride of their past and their community that impressed me and showed that Doyle will survive and continue to grow.

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Walling Tennessee

Located just off of  Highway 287 The Foglight Foodhouse offers an "eclectic" menu including Cajun cuisine, fresh seafood, steaks and other delicious entrées The Foglight overlooks the Caney Fork River offering relaxing views while you dine Proper use of antiques and art are just part of the ambiance
As I was walking back the car, Mr. Curiosity greeted me The Caney Fork & Western railroad Everytime I look at this image the theme song from Petty Coat junction pops in my head There's just something about old railroad tracks that makes me think of times gone by

Doyle Tennessee

Looking down Doyle Circle Drive Apparently every town has issues with disrespect no matter the size This loading ramp still serves the trains that pass through The ground reclaims the past
The ground reclaims the past This building once held a bank and other businesses Looking up at the architectural touches on the old hardware store W.S.Terry had a great sense of humor back in 1916
This doorway has long been sealed This started out as the grocery store and now houses a sawmill and storage The hardware store also sold furniture The planing table is belt driven as well as the saw
Politcal posters of past decorate the sawmill Poster, cables, tag, and skillet... check This is around a 48" saw blade There are stories to be told
How many years ago did this business close This just makes me want to know more about Doyle's past City hall now occupies the fire department Doyle Elementary School now occupies where the Doyle College once stood