I have been driving through Sparta for the last 25 plus years and this is the first time I actually got out to walk around & look. This town has got it going - a wide assortment of specialty shops, restuarants, historical builengs, homes and a friendly atmosphere! Definetly add Sparta to your "bucket list" as it is well worth the visit. This will be the first gallery in a series highlighting Sparta so check back.

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Sparta Tennessee

White County Courthouse, completed in 1975 The renovated Oldham Theater The Oldham Theater on was built in the 1930's The art deco ticket booth
The refurbished exit doors They hold Bluegrss events in the city amphitheater every 3rd Friday of the month, May - October at 7pm These historic buildings are filled with unique specialty shops The town is filled with great coffee shops, tea rooms, and restaurants
Sparta does an excellent job with preserving their past Why yes kids, that is a pay phone The side streets are well worth exploring Would that make not an awesome townhouse
Each historic building carries its own unique appearance Looking southwest towards Liberty Square Exposing the past Looking west down Bockman Way
The completion date maybe seen on many of the buildings The  architectureal elements and well maintained buildings are what makes Sparta stand out The facade of this building gives a glimpse of the style and design from the early 1900's The memorial to Lester Flatt
The courthouse enterance The town clock by City Hall The east side of Liberty Square What was once one of Sparta's many hardware stores
Each hand-painted column gave a glimps of what they sold inside this store They carried it all, "one stop shopping" is not a new marketing ploy by any means I'm hoping they're referring to what we call silverware The Everett building is available, appearently
Definitly coming back next spring to see the landscaping in bloom So many businesses so little time I would love to know the history behind this building Just one more example of Sparta's hidden beauty
Even the back streets offer great eateries The courthouse looking northeast Home of the American Legions Veterns Museum I have read this marker for over 25 years every time I had to stop at the traffic light