France Cemetery ~ 1858

Champ Ferguson

The wife and I happened across this historical cemetery by chance on our return visit from Knoxville, TN. This stop was the final stop in a 8 and a half hour trip (which normally takes just a little over two hours).

I don't remember hearing about "Champ" in all the documentaries, books, and movies I have read or watched over the last 40 to 50 years. So when I came across this place it was an eye opener and just one more reason to be proud of living in the south. This is not about race, but honor and standing up for what you belive in.

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Sparta Tennessee

A beautiful valley opens up once you come off the Cumberland Plateau. Signs on Hwy 84 advises that trucks not try this decent due to hairpin curves and wash-outs. We had to turn around and come back so I could read the Civil Wars Trail marker. After 8 hours in a car, reading this made the whole day worth it. All though this sign does not date back to the 1800's, it is a nice touch. The gated entrance and overview of France Cemetery. The gated entrance and overview of France Cemetery. Hand-engraved on sandstone. The person was adding the 'on' on Roberson, stone broke, so the 'on' was added directly above. The four Carmichael brothers, all killed in the war, with the fifth marker being a family member. 1sg Sgt. Solomon Carmicheal, 6 Apr 1828-20 Nov 1861, aged 33 yrs. Pvt. Thomas Carmicheal, 31 Jan 1822-31 Dec 1861, aged 39 yrs. William Carmicheal, 27 May 1838-8 Dec 1864.
Pvt. Hance Carmicheal, 23 Oct 1823-25 June 1863, aged 33 yrs.
The angled limestone slabs were placed to keep anything from growing over the grave. The years have been taking their toll but preservation continues. Capt. Champ Ferguson, Nov. 29th, 1821 - Oct. 20th, 1965. The four Charmichael brothers and child.