Fentress County, Tennessee

The winding country roads, historic locations & homes , bed & breakfast, unique specialty shops, and restaurants make Fentress County a great day trip or vacation. State Highway 52, which runs through the heart of Fentress County, was designated by Car and Driver Magazine "one of the most scenic highways in Tennessee".

We started this part of the tour visiting the Fentress County Chamber of Commerce, which is located in the Ye Ole Jail Historic Museum. We then headed to the Home of Sgt. Alvin C. York and Grist Mill. From there we traveled to Forbus General store with then back-tracked to the Cumberland Mountain General Store.

Ruth Dyal, Executive Director with the UCTA, offers tours in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. These tours are designed to bring awareness to different and unique aspects of the communities visited. Whether it is historical, natural beauty, cultural, or recreational that interest you, the Upper Cumberland region can fill those interests. Please visit www.uppercumberland.org for a list of self-guided tours, upcoming events, and a full list of things to see and do in the region.

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UCTA Hospitality Tour

Jamestown, TN - December 5, 2012

From left to right; Birgit, Tony our driver, Pam, Karla, and Ruth The Chamber of Commerce is loacted in the Ye Ole Jailhouse & Museum Grafitti from former prisoners can still be found etched into the jail structure Not a place I'd like to spend 94 days - or even 1 day
There were two seperate cells on the left, inside this cell Thank goodness we didn't have a bigger tour group The museum is filled with historical papers and artifacts relating to the history of the jail Also included in the museum are items telling of Fentress County's past
Beautification and restroration continue to make Jamestown an award winning communit The buildings around the square were constructed with native sandstone Artistic masonary work adorns the old Jamestown Bank Jamestown is very active with the Tennessee Quilt Trail
The Johnson Building was one of the original buildings on the square From home made pizza to outstanding cuisines, Fentress County has it The Fentress County Courthouse The courthouse was built in 1905 replacing the one that burned down in 1904

Sgt. Alvin C. York State Historic Park - Pall Mall, TN

Alvin C. York & Sons General Merchandise The store also serves as the visitor center for the Alvin C. York tour"The Legacy of Alvin C. York" is a must see while your there - great video The walls are covered with movie memorabilia
This house stands beside the store with no driveway or sidewalk Alvin C. Yorks home sits beside the Wolf RiverThe grist mill is within walking distance from the store The bed where Alvin C. York spent his remaining years
This was the place to stop in years gone by Valley of the Three Forks Antiques & Gift Shop must have had some great stories to tell The advertising signage has seen better days The grist mill and dam
Water flows over and through the old dam Alvin C. Yorks home sits just past the grist mill Sometimes a bad camera flash will turn into an interesting camera flash

Forbus General Store - Pall Mall, TN

Ruth and Birgit head into The Forbus General Store An old favorite graces the store Forbus General Store - Est. 1892 Chain-saw art decorates the entrance where folks still sit and whittle
I love the way the female Native-American seems to looking up to the Chief - now that's how you worship your man

Cumberland Mountain General Store - Clarkrange, TN

The Cumberland Mountain General Store as the sun goes down Whether you're looking for a doorknob, dinner tray, fish decoy, pully, or wooden shoe, they've got it Did I also mention you may purchase your pet rooster here Daisy the kitten waits to attack unsuspecting visitors
Don't forget to also look around outside, just don't ask Todd to sell the old Hippy sign Now that's a porch to relax on during a rain The doctor's build where Alvin C. York was reportably cared for in, now sits behind the store We ended the day eating old fashioned sundaes at the Rock-a-Billy Cafe in the back of the store