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This tour covered four days and four counties; Clay, Jackson, Macon, and Smith. The writers who attended were presented the beauty, history, and more popular destinations in these areas of the Upper Cumberland. The local Chambers of Commerce in each county showcased a small part of what their county had to offer. There was so much more they would have shared had only the time been available. The images have been broken down by the day, not individual county, as so much area was covered in such a short period on any given day.

Ruth Dyal, Executive Director with the UCTA, offers tours in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. These tours are designed to bring awareness to different and unique aspects of the communities visited. Whether it is historical, natural beauty, cultural, or recreational that interest you, the Upper Cumberland region can fill those interests. Please visit www.uppercumberland.org for a list of self-guided tours, upcoming events, and a full list of things to see and do in the region.

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Day 2

Clay County - part 2

We awoke the following morning by a repeated knocking sound - he flew off before I could shoot him - damage done We arrived for breakfast The breakfast was fantastic, although a first for having a buffet on top of a cooler After breakfast we headed to the local Fairgrounds where they were setting up for an antique sale and swap meet
This gentlemen claimed he was sitting in his $30,000 chair, later he explained his sales made were from sitting in that chair Nice Americana work was found All types of locally grown produce was available as well Carolyn shops for a place to sit

Macon County - part 1

After arriving in Red Boiling Springs I was shown my room, all rooms cary a theme at the Armour Hotel This is another themed room filled with antiques and nice accents to achieve the style The kids room was great with historical touches A relaxing balcony setting just meant for reading a book
A view down the main hall overflowing with antiques and personal touches Another view from the balcony Everywhere you look you see the owner's personalty Kim is preparing for a Bridge luncheon with the local ladies of Red Boiling Springs
Everyone relaxes before heading off to lunch A view of the front porch Beautiful details show the dedication to make your stay a memorable experience Walking to the Thomas House for lunch
One of three covered bridges in Red Boiling Springs Catching leaves Old wooden bridges still remain Crossing over to the Thomas House
Welcome to the Thomas House The Thomas House courtyard Seasonally decorated and well manicured grounds One of the old mineral water pump stations
An original sign found while excavating around the grounds The old Thomas House cook's residence White Water was one of five mineral waters to be found in Red Boiling Springs Ruth visits with Judy of the Red Barn Winery and Vineyards in LaFayette Tennessee
Karen explains the quilt squares at "Grandpa's House" Cyclemos Motorcycle Museum in Red Boiling Springs offers the most unique collection in Tennessee They took racing serious The side car was made from a WWII B-51 Mustang Drop Fuel Tank
One of the many old photos of Col. "Crash" Brown, local entertainer and daredevil The museum displays some of the best military bikes around Unique was an understatement This Cushman got the attention you were looking for
Mike & Jennifer(not shown) Silvio founders and curators Mike from "American Pickers" has his bike worked on at Cyclemos Another image of Col. "Crash" Brown Cecily Wingsong performing at dinner
The best way to relax after a great meal Karen from "Grandpa's House" delighted us with stories