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This tour covered DelMonaco Winery in Putnam County, The Appalachian Center For Craft in DeKalb County, Short Mountain Distillery in Cannon County, and Cumberland Caverns in Warren County. Hotel Management & Chamber of Commerce staff were invited to see and experience what lies within an hour drive of their establishments. In doing so they would be able to offer their guest different venues and sites to visit while staying in the area. This background image was created by Billy George, student at the Appalachian Center for Craft.

Ruth Dyal, Executive Director with the UCTA, offers tours in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. These tours are designed to bring awareness to different and unique aspects of the communities visited. Whether it is historical, natural beauty, cultural, or recreational that interest you, the Upper Cumberland region can fill those interests. Please visit www.uppercumberland.org for a list of self-guided tours, upcoming events, and a full list of things to see and do in the region.

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Hospitality Management Tour

DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards - Putnam County

Left to Right; Kyle Gregory, Eugene Goodman, Bruce Anderson, Ruth Dyal, Myrna Estes, and Jean Metz Arriving at DelMonaco Winery & Vineyards DelManaco offers a wide assortment of wine related gifts Bruce is greeted by Pam and Tate
Late fall at the Vineyards Barbara DelMonaco explaind how the skins and seeds are extracted from the grapes It's always good to have a backup bottling machine on hand Barbara explains the fermenting process... but shares no secrets
Barbara explains the fermenting process... but shares no secrets We're talking 15,500 gallons of wine The flags are given to David and Barbara as gifts from their visitors Let the tasting begin

The Appalachian Center For Craft - DeKalb County

The Craft Center is an 87,000 sq. ft. facility located on more than 500 wooded acres overlooking Center Hill Lake in scenic Middle Tennessee They offer Bachelor of Fine Arts degree concentrations in clay, fibers, glass, metals, and wood The Center offers 4 different hiking trails It's not hard to be inspired while walking the campus
We were greeted by Billy George who would be our guide Gallery One was featuring work from the Wood Department, this piece was created by Daniel Hassler The Gallery features original, hand-made items by 100+ regional artists Walking to the student's studios
Sudents in working in the Clay Department Throwing on the wheel Students must also study a secondary craft. Here a glass artist fused his work with what he obtained while studying metals Student's must also learn to work as a team
Jeanne Brady instructs her students in the Fiber Department A piece created by Billy George with tea bags as the medium

Short Mountain Distillery - Cannon County

The real McCoy Our guide explaing the distilling process The short Mountain Distillery Still Billy explains the history of Cannon Counties part in the manufacturing of distilled spirits, both legal and non-legal
The tasting room... bring your ID One of these four claimed they were sampling for medicinal purposes only Myrna and Ruth listen as Billy explains the reasoning behind the special recipe

Cumberland Caverns - Warren County

The visitors center at Cumberland Caverns Teddy shows the map of the cave, more than 32 miles are now known What a beautiful walk to the opening The trail winds for about 300 yards
Teddy explains the history and importance of this caveApproaching the cave entrance To the left is where salt peter was mined during the Civil War, much of the originial timber is still in place "Moby Dick" as he rises out of the water
Ruth and the boys are dressed for a day in the caveA few of the groups who have performed at Bluegrass Underground, a wide variety of live music on Saturday nights in the Volcano Room The famous chandelier from Lowes Theater in Bronx NY The chandelier wieghs 3/4 ton, 8' by 4', and contains over 150 colored lights
Looking 65 feet up at the chandilier