Rockwood Tennessee

The city was named Rockwood after William O. Rockwood, who was the first president of the Roane Iron Company. Rockwood was to become one of the first major industrial developments in the South following the Civil War. The town was first established in 1868 by a union general, John T. Wilder, who had managed a foundry in Indiana back in the 1850's.

As you drive down US 70, 27 you find a small town that has built it's self along the main highway over the years. The true city of Rockwood lies just across the tracks on West Rockwood Street. Here the streets are lined with historical buildings and detail. Preservation, renovation, and pride is apparent as the local business owners and other contributers continue to present Rockwood as it truly is - and was.

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Rockwood Tennessee

April 5th, 2013

Rockwood is a growing, progressive town running along US 27 but the true Rockwood lies just across the tracks These windows and side doors have long been filled in The backdrop couldn't be better The town park also provides an interesting backdrop
The etched glass was truely a statement of quality service for Molyneux's back in the day You don't see windows in today's factories, unless your an executive The fire escape attached to the old Rockwood Hardware store It would be a shame to let this building go to waste
The masonary work is what caught my eye as I turned around The First National Bank did an excellent restoration on this building The facades, arcitectural details, glass, masonary, and painted details speak volumes for what once was 1898, renovation cost versus historical loss
I caught myself stairing at the depth of detail this building offered It's the small, whimsical details that will catch your attention in a big way That must of have been one hip pharmacy back in 1890 A perfect example how a town's perception can be saved through proper planning, renovation, and community support