Monterey was originally called Standing Stone, TN

"Around the beginning of the twentieth century, Monterey was a resort town that boasted seven hotels and drew summer people who came to enjoy the cool temperatures and mountain scenery.

With the invention of the automobile, Monterey became less of a resort town. The hotels closed and the town's economy became dependent on railroad maintenance, coal mining, and logging." ~ wikipedia

I visted Monterey on a Sunday afternoon coming back from Knoxville. The historic portion of the downtown area runs along E. Commerce St. Here was a mix of old and new architecture, vacated buildings and a few being renovated. Between I-40 bypassing the town and low support for local business you can tell the town is struggling to survive. Big box stores and fast food by the interstate exits have all added to the downtown's slow decay. What people I did meet were very proud of their community and history. There are revitalization plans now being put into place, so maybe, just maybe...

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April 21, 2013

The community is very supportive of their school's sports programs. The older buildings used locally quaried sandstone for the facades. Downtown Monterey is pretty much a ghost town on Sundays. This empty building with the glass blocks would make a great restaurant. The businesses that were open were busy though. At one time this building was the hub of activity. Too many locked and barred doors due to the lack of local business support. The Bank of Monterey. Flower shops, insurance, meat-and-threes, hair salons, and the world famous 'Phillip's Shoe Store' occupy this section of town. This was one of the seven original hotels that served Monterey. The restored Monterey Depot  opened in 2012, the original depot opened around 1894. The old auto dealership and water tower.