Petros to Wartburg

We headed up west on Hwy 62 from Oliver Springs with a planned stop in Wartburg. While I was researching the trip I remembered that Brushy Mountain State Prison was close to Wartburg in a community called Petros. So with Google Earth I zoomed in and found the turn off. Thinking I had found the BMSP sign I zoomed in, it wasn't it. As I moved my little Street View Man around I could find no singage marking the turn, oh well, log off. Two days later I remember the area the little man had shown me and sure enough, we find ourself at prison.

Wartburg is older than dirt and nestled in what is called the Crab Orchard Mountians, a sub-range to the Cumberland Mountains. In 1805, the Cherokee ceded what is now Morgan County to the United States by signing the Third Treaty of Tellico. The first settlers arrived in the area shortly thereafter. Wartburg was founded in the 1840s by George Gerding, a land speculator who bought up large tracts of land in what is now Morgan County with plans to establish a series of German colonies in the Cumberland region.

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Petros Tennessee - or to some, better known as
Brushy Mountain State Prison

April 21st, 2013

We were a liitle nervous as we approached the main enterance The flag poles were empty as was the prison The first gate, I followed orders How many total years were served

Wartburg Tennessee

April 21st, 2013

Morgan County Courthouse As I look around, something is missing The old has been replaced with the new Built in 1904, the second for Wartburg and 4th in the county's history
And they say a picture is worth a thousand words, I concur The white roof has been replaced with the red metal roof, the back section was a later addition Now that's what I'v been searching for City Hall or City... ...Hall, your choice
They did well with the accents While researching the courthouse I came across this statement "difficult to photograph in just the last 15 years because of how much the trees in the front have grown", I would call it timing Morgan County should be proud of their courthouse The bell tower at 11:41am, Sunday, April 21st, 2013... as it stands, back to the future
If Tanner's Sundries doesn't carry it, what then my friend They've got their bases covered