Loudon Tennessee

In the 1770's, families began settling on the northern bank of the Tennessee river. It was originally named "Blair's Ferry" after the Blair family who had set up the first steamboat landing in 1828. The railroad came through in 1848 and the community rapidly began to grow. In 1858, the name of the town was changed to Loudon.

Wow! What an inspiration for any small town under revitalization, Loudon has done a fantastic job! All buildings, all streets in this historic district are clean and well preserved to the eye. Commerce thrives due to community support as well as support from its local businesses and city government.

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Loudon Tennessee

April 7th, 2013

This had to be my first shot, most towns see this as an eyesore, I see it as a portal to the past One of the nicest entrances into an historic town I've experianced, well done Loudon, well done Instead of a blank side of a building showing its age, they provide eye candy with a link to the past Walking up the sidewalk into town... you feel welcomed
A quick shot of the historic courthouse, you'll see more, trust me Is this not inviting Wow, how could you drive through here without stopping and getting out to look around, eat, or shopThis shot is to focus on the window frames, matching faux window frames and color accents all matching in with city proper. Heck, even the tree seems to be joining in
I chose to shoot Loudon on a Sunday to focus on the buildings and not the traffic After looking at this shot, I started to notice how clean the town was, whether it be side streets or back streets, this is one manicured, historic town for a Sunday shoot I hit the first intersection on the right, and what do I see... but yet another clean, renovated part of the townThe original theatre was built around 1911-1912, burned in 1934, burned again around 1941 or 1942 and once again rebuilt
Murals fill the inner courtyard of the Lyric Theatre Every building on Grove Street has, or will be renovated, the details still tell the story It must have been an 1940 or 50's era car dealership, Louden, tell me if I'm wrongLoudon County Chamber of Commerce
Never become secure with your job... you will be replaced Heading back, and I'm thinking "This is how it's suppose to be done", but yet there is still one major hurdle to go... people What do the letters read on the side of this renovated apartment buildingNotice the details on the banisters and gables, and this is why I retraced my steps
What was once just a door has now become a statement Heading to work? I think this town always had class This town just begs to be walked...Just look at the different style of buildings, material, and color
Is that not just an impressive overview The Loudon County Courthouse was built in 1872 at a cost of $14,200 Preserving the past by honoring the past"Greer's Home Furnishings, established 1890", they do something right
How unique is that, what a great studio... or deck... your choice Have a seat, relax, watch life drive by, simple Even if it is a commercial venture, the architectural enhancements are well doneThe celebration of Loudon
The Carmichael Inn, est. 1810 - for sale, sad to think... they even served "Samual Adams" Loudon was self sustaining, before globalization The Riverwalk Grille located next to the old Carmichael innThe back door to heaven or hell