Big Bottom Road

August 8th, 2014: I had an appointment with a client at her studio in Gainesboro, TN to discuss developing a website for her. I left the office early with camera in hand knowing I would be going through Gainesboro. I had plans to stop and shoot the town of Gainesboro after our meeting, but I never dreamed of finding this road.

August 23rd, 2014: It starts as Big Bottom Road in Jackson County & turns into Brimstone Creek Road once you enter Clay County. Paved to gravel, to paved road again you follow the Cumberland River into Celina. If you want a slow, relaxing drive while exploring Tennessee I highly recommend this one. The overlooks, scenery, and beauty make this a true Tennessee hidden treasure!

October 11th, 2014: I found an excuse to visit with my client again. So the road now continues into early fall. Even though the weather and lighting conditions weren't ideal for some shots, others were meant only for the moment.

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Jackson & Clay County Tennessee

The Road begins ~ 08/08/14

The Cumberland River at 9:51am, the fog is still lifting. Between the hills and the glass smooth water I pulled over every chance I got. The reflections alone spoke volumes. The dead tree in the reflection surprised me when downloading the images. I wish I’d left earlier; this is definitely an early morning drive. If only my clients would receive me at daybreak! So I'm branching away from the river and I come across this. One of us has been busted, but I'm on their turf now. One of us has been busted, but I'm on there turf now. This puts a new meaning to "Party till the cows come home"... they win hands down! Sad it closed. I'd rather pay $5 for a loaf of bread than drive 15 miles to save $2 35.9 cents a gallon? Note: You are only allowed to buy $9.99 worth of gas which means you are limited to about 27 gallons per fill-up. Truth in advertising. Local swimming hole, john boat launch, or just a great fishing spot? The original "Hotmail account".

& Continues ~ 08/23/14

You leave the present only to enter the past. Blankets of Jewelweed covered the base of the bluffs. This native is also called "Pale Forget Me Nots", Impatiens pallida. I would have thought I was driving through a manicured garden... but not by man's design. Brimstone Creek, the official county line between Jackson and Clay County. The Cumberland River looking east from the county line between Jackson and Clay County. I don't think the width would allow anything over 5 tons. But if you are over 5 tons there is an option, "as long as the creek don't rise". I passed maybe 4 homesteads once I was on the gravel for 30 minutes or so. You have to go slow or you just might have life as it was pass you by.

Into Fall ~ 10/11/14

9:23am and the rain is on pause for a bit, but still dark with a heavy overcast. The leaves are dropping and the Cumberland River is now being exposed. 9:23am and the rain is on pause few a bit. This section of gravel road is just a little over 6 miles, so take your time and enjoy your surroundings. If you happen across another car, you're on the wrong road. Looking Back. Always be aware of your surroundings as you travel along. I've said before and I'll say it again 'Nature wastes nothing!' This tree gave its life so hundreds could live. I was asked by Mr. T Watson if we had noticed the new bridge... it took me a moment. This, by the way, is the line between Jackson and Clay County. Sometimes the overcast can work in your favor. Sometimes you are only given two choices in life. It was dry the last time I came through. Although they have recently added guard rails to this bridge, it pretty much stands as it did in the early 1900's. I was vertigo free until I looked down. But when I realized I didn't weigh over 5 tons, it still didn't help. The creek was a little cloudy  from all the rain. Relaxing, inviting, & now reminiscing of times gone bye. Once you get towards the end of the graveled portion small fields start popping up, as well as turkeys. Thank goodness I brought my wife along on this trip. She was kind enough to move this tree so we didn't have to turn around. Just drive slow and pay attention, or you just might miss out on life!