The images on this site represent just a small part of what the featured community is and what once was. As time moves forward, other communities will be added. The basis for this site is my love of photography and the unique personalities of the communities I visit. The collection will only continue to grow as time and money permits. This site was initially started October 17, 2012 so please bookmark this site as new galleries are often added.

The main purpose of this site is to offer the viewer a glimpse of life in other communities as well as their own. It could even entice us to get out and see where we actually live, or possibly help us plan a day trip or weekend get-a-way. It will also serve as a writers repository for images to be used in their work. Whether it be stories, articles, brochures, or any other format where a certain image will benefit and enhance their work.

I believe an image speaks louder than words so the only information you will receive is through a short caption at the bottom of each image as you click on it. The real information will come from your heart and mind as you view these images. Not all images are perfect in sharpness, color, or composition though. No tripod, light reflector screens, "posed" shots, or special lighting sets where used. Just a simple stroll with a hand held camera, point and shoot, just that simple. If you feel you have not been represented and would like to be included in this project - contact me! I shoot for myself, my friends, and my clients - this defines why you will find such a diverse collection within this site. I have dated each gallery so that you may more easily find the seasonal setting for each community covered.

The images have also been reduced in resolution and size to reduce loading time. The actual image measures 4272x2848 (17.8" by 11.9") with a 240ppi. The only thing I will apologize for is disabling your ability to save an image. Although you may find a way around this limitation, I do request that you respect my work as well as the copyrights on these images. I haven't included watermarks, as they distract, but the metadata is embedded. If you are interested in obtaining any of these images, for personal use or commercial use, or wish to have a link provided for your web site - please contact me at bill@luton.us. If you need an event or festival photographed, web site designed or an existing site maintained, please contact me for my rates.

UPDATE: A Site Index has been added to allow for multiple galleries pertaining to a certain location or city to be more easily found.

Thank You and Enjoy!
Bill Luton