Off The Beaten Path

Although Off The Beaten Path currently spans 3 counties with 14 stops, the heart of the tour lies in DeKalb County, TN. This year's tour included over 30 participating artists in clay, glass, paper, wood, fiber, and metals. Off The Beaten Path artist open their homes and studios to the public for 3 days during the last weekend in October. The seven stops I visited will provide a sense of the artist, their work, and the beauty one experiences while traveling to the different stops.

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Off The Beaten Path

Well marked tour signs are easily followed Liberty Paper Mill Studio Claudia Lee demonstraing the art of paper making Crossing an old wooden bridge to Creek Bend Pottery
Welcome to Off The Beaten Path You'd be amazed at who and what you'll see on the tour Rob Harvey discussing his work Another satisfied visitor
Amy Potter relaxing with hot tea On the way to Beach Hollow Studio Headed down the driveway Passing time at William's Studio
William is filled with natural creativity Sharon spins and weaves with natural fibers