Color Rad 5k ~ Knoxville, Tennessee

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Over 9,000 people participated in this event which benefited "The East Tennessee Children's Hospital". From the time we arrived until the time we left there was constant music and entertainment in the stage area. Good times were had by all, especially the children, what a great family event. I hope to be able to cover more of the Color Rad events and other themed 5k's in the future, so keep checking back.

Part 1 starts the race - Part 2 shows the true colors of the race, and trust me, it was very difficult to narrow down 343 images for this gallery.

48 of 343 images are shared in this gallery, Part 2

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Color Rad 5k


The true definition of a great dad Go Vols!!! "Are We Here Yet?" Zebras leading the pack
The Knoxville Dust Bowl of 2013 - at least it was orange She looks good in blue, just saying The surgical mask was the smartest accessory yet, with living proof right beside her Momma sure knows how to have fun
I don't always wear a sombrero... but when I do, I dress it up with my favorite tutu Girls that go "WhooOOooh!" The look in her eyes tells it all The things women will shimmy for, so I was thinking of getting a box of chalk and standing by the street this weekend... wife said NO!
The Grand Poobah from the Water Buffalo Lodge, Fred would be proud "I have seen the light" all be it through orange colored sunglasses Back atcha Now that's what I'm talking about
The colors just stood out Sing with me now - "Going to the chapel and I'm going to get married... " Just rolling along, but for 3.1 miles? "Brian, how happy is she?" - "I'd say happier than a sow in a rain storm"
Let the good times roll Sing with me now - "Going to the chaple and I'm going to get married... " We are just having to much fun ...I concur
The taste of victory Bad times are soon forgotten, but the good times live on So I'm just walking along, minding my own business... 59 minutes later and they are still coming through in packs
Me,me, color bomb me Remember this building against the pretty blue sky in Part 1 And this is what emerged from the haze I was in I do believe she just launched a rocket from her back
It was starting to get a little thick out there "Next! And what would you like little girl?" "And I volunteered for this?" There comes a point in life...
I belive it was Cindy Lauper who summed it up best - "Girls just want to have fun" So I hear this girl calling out for her freind... ...And I believe she found her Remember how clean the streets were
Talk about mother daughter bonding, excellent "So what did you and the girls do today honey?" Someone is going to have a good nap Sometimes you just want to refuse ending things, party on Garth
The party has started Mother, daughter, wife Just your typical dance contest There was no protection

Part 1 - is fun!
Part 2 - is where you are!