Color Rad 5k ~ Knoxville, Tennessee

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My favorite events to cover are 5k's and cross country meets. So when my daughter announced she was running in the Color Rad 5k in Knoxville I jumped at the chance to shoot the race. At first the name "Color Rad" didn't really mean anything as all races carry a title. So as the race day got closer I searced for Color Rad to see what time the race started, location, and the course map. Wow, after seeing the web site I knew I couldn't miss this one. I was familiar with "Run For Your Lives" and a few other themed events but as I was thinking in photography terms - color, action, and location I knew I had to attend. Hats off to Color Rad & the City of Knoxville for making this a great event.

Part 1 starts the race - Part 2 shows the true colors of the race, and trust me, it was very difficult to narrow down 343 images for this gallery.

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Color Rad 5k


I arrived an hour early... not early enough though as they apparently had started the event without mePretty good turn out, I thoughtThe crowd just kept growing, my daughter had stated 600 people would be running with her, turned out to be over 9,000... another story for another timeI just don't think there were enough staff photographers on site
I just hope these were temporary tattoosMy life is complete now, the Zumba performed in Tutus before my very eyesTexting my wife my position, remember this building for nowThey were told to wear white...
Heading down the rampThe pack thickensTurning around and catching pack #2The true meaning of "ramping down"
I was focusing on the guy in the cape, after downloading I noticed the jet pack guySome events are safer in packsAt least wear a hat if you're not going to runPack #3, after this I lost count
I don't think a hair net will help todayZebra skin helps you blend in with the packThis has to be pack #4, I just don't know anymoreA cowgirl in a tutu, any questions
Sweaty bald men stick to itAnd she said... "Can you believe what that girl was wearing"Sweat is an attracterGreat memories are made of these
It helps to be color coordinatedWhere do these kids get all that energyTa-Da!Just not sure what to say...
When in RomeSo a wolf can out run a sheep, but not with speedHeels would have looked betterWe won!
And the winner is... doused with agent orangeSo I'm thinking to myself, should I start running instead of photographing the 5k'sPlease take note on how clean the streets are, for nowDressed and ready to go
It doesn't matter how you wear itYou're still going to have to batheLife must be goodWe bring you tidings of good cheer, trust us
30 minutes into the race by now and their still coming in packs"Come in planet earth, can you read me?"I just thought I had seen it allWhat I want to know is who got bibb number 00001

Part 1 - is where you are!
Part 2 - is in living color!