Short Mountain Distillery

Short Mountain Distillery launched the introduction of their new Apple Pie Moonshine on November the 10th, 2012. The day was filled with live music, mules rides, tours, working stills, and other festivities. These shots were taken from 9:30am until 11:15, unfortunately I wasn't able to stay for day. From friends I spoke with who, were able to stay, it was a major success as the crowds continued to grow. Previous visits may be viewed under Cannon County or under the UCTA Tours page.

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The Launch of Apple Pie

The Distillery

Jimmy Simpson explains how the moonshining process takes place The crowds build as Jimmy shares his methods and stories Jimmy's well honed, sixth sense kicked in as I took this shot... revenuer? There's the good stuff, guaranteed to cure what ails you
This is the still he operated over the last 30 years, he started when he was just 15 years old The Hazzrd Life displayed their cars and memorabilia Ricky Estes share his stories Ricky Estes, one of three local legends of moonshine at Short Mountain Distillery
The gray truck was an actual runner that Ricky Estes used to deliver his shine Jimmy is proud of his past and accomplishments, it was an honor to talk and listen with him The distillery is located in this refurbished barn This is the still used to make the final product
The people just kept pouring in, 10am The mule teams have arrived What a way to make an entrance for those visitors It always helps to be properly dressed for the occasion
Jimmy always draws a crowd Muhlenberg County never sounded so good Apparently Jimmy ran out of jars, but who's guarding the still Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the music
I finely had to ask if I could take their photo, priceless The line was starting to build for the tasting room The lady with the mandolin was fantastic In all fairness, the guy with the guitar was great also... just not as pretty
She sang like Dolly Parton and Alison Krause, beautiful voice Everybody who was anybody showed up for the event What better way to spend your Saturday, the weather was fine but the atmosphere was perfect Later that afternoon not a seat was to be found, so sorry I couldn't stay

The farm

I was being watched, as to make sure I didn't get near his goats Welcome to Cannon County Looking to the back of the 300 acre farm The oaks, maples, and other trees just seemed to glow with color
Everyone, young and old, enjoyed the free mule rides As I turned around, this guy just happened to be riding by, colt, dog, goats... Any questions After shooting this I thought "Life is good at Short Mountain Distillery" Hats off to Short Mountain Distillery for making this such a great event for eveyone