Alexandria, Tennessee

Historical records show that it was a village of Cannon County in 1837 and was incorporated in DeKalb County in 1848. Supposedly named after one of its pioneers, James Alexander. Not much more history can be found on-line regarding this small town, but it is known as the "The Grandpa Fair of the South". One of the oldest running fairs in the United States since 1856. You can read more about the fair HERE, and it's quite an interesting read with some great vintage photos.

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DeKalb County Tennessee


Although Alexandria is a small town, it boasts some great shops. The older buildings offer a glimpse into the ornate architectural elements once used. This building used locally quarried limestone for its facade. Dog treats, dog grooming, hardware, furniture, and antiques all await your visit. Alexandria maintains their small town character and appearance. While walking down the sidewalk you never know what you will find. Exploring the back alleys and streets reveals the more interesting features and personalities of a town. Yet another surprise find on the backstreet. Although the town was quite on Sunday, I felt as if I was being watched... in a happy, friendly kind of way! This must have been the old feed store. The owner has since moved out, but what a relaxing setup. Proof, you can never truely cover your age. Inviting store fronts beckon you inside for more hidden treasures. Gin Street was originally mentioned in the boundary description in 1848, "thence south to the west end of Gin Alley"