Pleasent Hill Academy

I stopped by on the way back from Knoxville, courious to what the town of Pleasent Hill was like. Other than a popular coffe shop, town hall, post office, and a few other businesses, I came upon the historic Pleasent Hill Academy. The historic school is now home to the Pioneer Hall Museum. Unfortunetly the museum was not open at the time of my visit which was on a Sunday. From peaking through the windows though, I know that I have to take the time to stop in again.

Pleasent Hill Academy is located on E. Main St., just 10.5 miles west of Crossville off of Highway 70.

"Pleasant Hill was first settled by European Americans before 1819. In 1884 a teacher from the American Missionary Association (AMA) established the Pleasant Hill Academy to provide broad liberal arts education for rural youth, while also giving vocational training in agriculture and local skills.[6] Supported by the Congregational Church, the school operated until 1947." source: wikipeda

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Crossville Tennessee

April 5th, 2013

Pleasent Hill Academy now house's Pioneer Hall Museum This was the bell used at Pleasent Hill Academy The bell was cast by Reveare & Sons in 1817 The bell will turn 200 years old in 2017. If anybody reads this in 2017, please email me so I can update this title! And now you know the rest of the story. The State Historical Marker for Pleasent Hill. Pleasent Hill is also listed onthe Civil War Trails.