Celina, Tennessee

Clay County was formed in 1870 from portions of surrounding Jackson and Overton counties. The courthouse was completed in 1874 with the bricks being molded from clay taken from the public square. It no longer serves as the main courthouse but is used for community events with a few official offices on the third floor. They still hold court overflows on Fridays however. To really get a feel for Celina's history check out "A Brief History of Clay Co., TN" written by Landon B. Anderson between 1933 & 1944.

Celina is a historic community filled with great antique stores & locally owned restaurants. My favorite antique store was "Ain't That Nice" - a wooden phone booth, a chrome pot-bellied stove with glass doors, and other unique items can be found there. Most of the buildings around the square are from the early 1900's, it's the side streets and surrounding areas that the older buildings can be found. If you get a chance to visit Celina make sure to stop by the Chamber of Commerce and pick up the "Clay County Historic Driving Tour" brochure. It is well designed with photos & brief descriptions for the historical significance of each stop. If you're planning a weekend visit, give them a call at 931-243-3338 and ask them to pop one in the mail to you.

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Downtown Celina

August 23, 2014

It's a good sign when the parking spots are full on the weekend. Walking opposite of the courthouse, the antiques catch my eyes. The Clay County Courthouse completed in 1874 for just under $10,000. Unfortunately though, small town businesses come and go when people don't support them. Private residences and apartments help preserve the past. Looking East on Highway 52. Revitalization is a slow progress for any town, but new businesses are still popping up. Day's Trading Post is another store overflowing with interesting items. Make sure you check out the newest store down on the corner. Looking West on Highway 52. This building offers a lot of potential. We've all had better days. Celina hosts some great events throughout the year, well worth checking into. One of five original courthouses left in Tennessee. Plans are in place to restore the courthouse to its original grandeur. But the biggest obstacle faced is government & local  funding Rumor has it that there is a matching fireplace on the opposite side of the courtroom behind the wall. The upper deck was for overflow and was used quite a bit. Not only for important cases, but local entertainment as well. This courtroom is still used on Friday's, resulting from case overloads at the new County Complex. If it was a popular trial, the chairs would be removed for 'standing room only' Preserving the past. Farmers Bank & Trust Co. 1928 Amazing architectural detail for a building of this size. Tired and worn out. West side. A couple more of Celina's "specialty& shops.