Short Mountain Distillery

This gallery is composed of two seperate visits to the distillery. The distillery sits amongst 300 acers of some of the most picturesque rolling hills found in Tennessee. Other visits may be viewed under the Events or the UCTA Tours page.

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Short Mountain Distillery

October 13, 2012

Ronald explains the distillery process to a visitor Ronald shares local stories with his visitors Ronald Lawson, one of the three local legends of moonshine One of their local delivery trucks
This is an actual a working still brought in from the hills John explains the organic practices used on this 300 acre working farm This is the still used to manufacture the moonshine here at Short Mountain Distillery John describes the bottling and packaging process all performed by hand
Billy Kaufman, CEO, offering samples of his work Apple Pie, their newest introduction... smooth and delicious Jimmy Simpson, moonshiner, explains the reason for using only locally grown corn Taking the trail to the mouth of the spring
Cold, Tennessee spring is just one local ingredients that makes their shine so smooth and good This guy knows how to enjoy the roads

November 8, 2012

Located just off of Highway 156, Short Mountain Road Nestled in the hills of Cannon County The farm is surrounded by great fall color Less than a year old, Short Mountain distillery has already entered into the top ten destinations for Middle Tennessee
Looks like someone just got through cooking a batch With expansion plans already under way, no telling what is in store The fields just keep rolling Looking towards the distillery
Take a short stroll through the woods to the mouth of the springs Wind your way through the woods Check out the neighbors Just old concrete remains
The mouth of the springs Coming back to the distillery You can't miss the distillery Time to slow down, turn in, and relax