Nassau, Bahamas

Thank you visiting Part 3! With that said, Disclaimer goes here ~ "The images below are from my point of view. If I have offended any Bahamian, my apologies." Please invite me back and show me your Nassau!

I found myself back on track so my plan was to seek out my wife and daughter on the beach, shooting as I went. I entered back into the tourist district, shot, made it the beach, but couldn't find them. Maybe they got too hot, considering it was snowing when we left Tennessee. So I thought "cool" let's go explore more while working my way to the restaurant where we were all to meet by 1pm. Side-tracked again, but that was OK, I had time on my side - so little did I know.

As I look back over these images I realize how much I had missed. Every image reveals what I didn't really see. I guess the euphoria of being in Nassau with all it's beauty, history, and stunning architecture was just to much for so little time.

Thank you Nassau, thank you Papa!

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Nassau, Bahamas - Part 3

Walking Nassau

The kitchen must have been on the right... just sayin'To be honest... I'm lost for words on this one. If by chance I can think of any, or if you can, please let me know and I'll change this subtitleWhere are all the fish headed, excluding NemoThat must have been some parade - "Honey, do you remember where we left the float last night"
Local tourist dudesAnd to think, I wasted an hour with a paper clipChrist Church Cathedral - Cathedral of the Angelican/Episcopal Diocese of the Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos Islands - Established 1670This is another one you should Google - Christ Church Cathedral, Nassau
WOW, just WOW - I don't know what detail you can see but... This church also had a nice set of pipesWilliam Brown, Age 16, Boy 2nd ClassJust your average construction walkway
Told you soWhat I read is "We can succeed if we work together as a community" - now if only the American Politicians... never mind, won't happenLike I said, I posted in order of shots taken, so I'm walking the Construction wall backwards - or something like thatAre you still following
They are rather insistent So many choices, so many politiciansI was suppose to meet my wife and daughter on the beach, this is what I foundThere is a gray boat at the tip of the island that probably cost more than... well, I could imagine
The landscaping was immaculateThere was a gentleman to the left raking out palm fronds, leaves or anything that should have not been thereI heard they had brightly painted buildings in NassauThis is no different then places I have shot around Tennessee
Nassau is one big contruction cycle, this building will soon be refurbishedThe Clay Oven was a Mediterranean RestaurantI enjoyed looking at the detail, color and storm protection this building offeredThis brightly painted building caught my curiosity
This shop, off the beaten path, had the nicest collection of Caribbean themed  furnishings I had seen that dayIt was interesting to see how buildings were designed for storm protectionThis art gallery was closed for the season, their storm barriers were all nicely painted and up while they were away.One of the galleries service doors protected by art
I was puzzled by this one... sorryThe results of not boarding up for stormsIf one must litter - at least be festive about itFinally sitting down and enjoying a cold one with a great view of life
The end... or is it

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