Nassau, Bahamas

Well, it looks like you made to Part 2, Welcome! With that said, the images below are from my point of view. Disclaimer goes here ~ "If I have offended any Bahamian, my apologies." Please invite me back and show me your Nassau!

I'm totally side-tracked by now and could care less! The backstreet and buildings are what I came to shoot. I felt relatively safe as I walked these streets knowing I wasn't far off path. I don't know what time the island wakes up but there was not much foot traffic visible where I was walking, just a few guys working on a car. I would have liked to explore further but time, gut-feeling, and the gentleman beckoning me to come and visit with him deterred me from wondering to far off-track.

This page holds one of my favorite descriptions I like to use "What was, What is, and What will be". In that the past, the present and the future of Nassau are all captured on this page.

Thank you Nassau, thank you Papa!

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Nassau, Bahamas - Part 2

Walking Nassau

This building made me think I should pick up a local paper while walking, but got side-tracked againIf they spent that much money on advertising how much did they invest in cardboard platesIn the center of this image is another cardborad sign giving direction to the "Breakfast", I'm thinking "not hungry"Restoration efforts in the historic district can be seen everywhere
Beauty is in the eye of the beholderYet another WOW moment, my favorite building in Nassau so farStepping outside to grab the paper, look twiceThe flags still fly but the Ministry has moved
Another historic building that has been restored and leased to othersI'm so side-tracked now that I've given up on the self-guided tourWhat do you do with Hurricane snapped Palm trees... Make Palm people of courseScrap metal and bottle caps were used to accessorize the Palm people
They encircled the court while standing proudThank you for being a sponsorI felt if this lady was speaking to meThe old churches were covered in beautiful stained glass windows
The stairways were so invitingA pineapple in hidingThe cornerstone of the Kirk was laid on August 7th, 1810 - Google this one and read the History sectionTrinity Methodist Church - founded 1796
I was invited inside and given a tour and brief history - WOW, thank you BethThe stained glass windows were amazing in detailThe original pipe organ was "entirely demolished, leaving only the class and schoolroom beneath entire" - Hurricane 1866The box was made of 7 different woods & dedicated to Uncle Colins who used it for "The Children's Message"
Uncle Colins would ask the children "What's in the box today?" the children would reply "The Bible" knowing it also held treats relating to the messageThe Straw Mat Angles were created by one of the members and could be found everywhere you lookedHow does one parallel park a floatI'm telling you, I couldn't turn around without taking another shot
The hidden colors and accents made for a fun shootThe gentleman sitting on the steps beckoned for me to come and join him... what nice peopleSt. Andrew's Kirk - "The St. Andrew's Society (formed in 1798 and made up of fifty-five men of Scottish origin)"This tunnel will take you to the other side
Christopher Columbus and the Government HouseWhat an entrance to the Government House, WOWAdvice we should all followTimbers protruding out the windows, you tell me
I wish I could have gone insideAnother favorite of mineThis was another sponsored artist's workA person's pride in themselves should be their most valuable asset

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