Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau was Awesome! The people were great, the food fantastic, the atmosphere unbelievable! With that said, the images below are from my point of view. If I have offended any Bahamian, my apologies. Please invite me back and show me your Nassau!

This gallery was made possible by two ladies I met as I was walking off the "Big Boat". As we walked along, they asked me of my plans, knowing with my camera gear, I came to shoot. I had no plans as I had not researched??? - sometimes exploring on your own can be very rewarding. Anyway, one of the ladies offered me a map of a self-guided tour, the journey begins. Thank you so much ladies for taking me to places I have never been before or would have never discovered on my own.

The only challenge I ran into was time. I was to meet back up with my family at a designated restaurant at 1pm. That left me under 4.5 hours to shoot Nassau. Here in lies the problem, it don't look like Tennessee down here! I could have stayed on one block and shot for 4.5 hours alone, shooting outside, inside, and composing that perfect shot. Game on - walk and shoot!

WOW! When, as a photographer, you turn just turn around and discover another shot within a shot. Yet you haven't moved another step, turned a corner, or thought you had seen it all within the scene. I caught myself saying WOW outloud so many times that all I could do was shake my head and laugh;)

Thank you Nassau, thank you Papa!

52 of 318 images are shared in this gallery "Walking Nassau - Part 1"
The images are in the order they were shot from 6:44am - 10:11am

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Nassau, Bahamas - Part 1

Entering Nassau Harbor

6:43am Entering the port of NassauThis reminded of a scene from the "Princess Bride - You are sure nobody's follow' us?..."The Atlantis Paradise Resort6:52am - Entering the port
1817 lighthouse sitting at the tip of Hog IslandCrystal Cay, the white spire shaped building was an underwater aquarium that was never reopened after a hurriane had damaged itThe tip of Hog Island, now called Paradise Island8:21am - Pulling up to the curb

Walking Nassau

Most shops won't open until 10am, but the taxis are readyEgg and cheese croissant with rum cake for dessertSome businesses opened earlier then 10amYears of fighting hurricanes was apparent on some of the older buildings
The detail on the buildings was beautifulThis building housed the straw market and for some reason you were not allowed to smoke while insideThe pastel colors of the buildings made for great eye candyThe alleys held unique shops and eateries
Recycled rum barrels are used as their trash cansEast Street and the start of my self-guided walking tourCoca Cola sponsored different artist around the city, this one was titled "Family Tree"Rawson Square was honoring "The Women Suffrage Movement In The Bahamas" started in 1951 by Mary Ingraham & Mable Walker
Apparently someone of importance, sorry, didn't catch her namePink, white, blue, WOWEntering Parliment squareThe Ansbacher House and a car, any questions
As much as possible of the old city is preservedMany of the historic buildings are under restorationI'm sure the locals go there, if nothing else, it provides nice contrast to the sceneI think by now I was starting to get side-tracked from the self guided walking tour
1873 Public Library, still in useA public service sign posted on the side of the Ministry of Health buildingMagna Carta Building 1780'sAnother look at the Library and Parliment Square
Side-tracked againDo you see what I sawThis little area could have kept me entertained for a while, just not enough timeMinistry of Health - The people who earlier brought you the public service sign
Talk about supportHow old is that treeThe Magna Carta Building is now leased out for business spaceTrue Bahamian Cuisine including "Souces & Stews"
Snug Haven - more like "Locked Up Abroad"Welcome to Fort Fincastle - but first we would like to sell you a Bob Marley poster or earrings, your choiceNow were talking fortI haven't a clue, but it posed rather nicely
The Queen's Staircase, have I got stories to tellJust amazing, Google - Queen's Staircase, NassauThe echo of the water in the canyon was just so relaxingThis place was so enchanting, you could feel the past
Tradition has it, after a parade you steal your opponents floats and decorate the city - more to comeAnother WOW moment, when you turn around or just look upTell me again, how are we going to get that couch upstairs...Location, location, location...

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