Freeport, Bahamas

Freeport was interesting! The people were very nice and accommodating. With that said, the images below are from my point of view. If I have offended any Bahamian, my apologies. Please invite me back and show me your Freeport!

We were allowed to disembark in Freeport at 8am and were to return to the ship by 1:30pm, another short day for shooting. My wife and I made plans where we were to meet up later in the day. I grabbed my camera gear and headed off the boat, take a couple tourist shots and realize it's windy and its cold! So I go back through security, run my stuff through their X-ray box, go back upstairs and grab my jacket. Then I head back downstairs and pass a few people who also came back to grab their jackets .

Once you pass through Freeport Customs you enter a small, made for tourist, shopping area. Once you pass that you are herded to your excursion group or to the taxis. Hell, I came to shoot Freeport as I just did Nassau yesterday, so I head to the taxis as I can't see any city buildings around.

The taxis were the right choice, a 25 minute, $10 round trip drive to wherever we were headed - I had no clue! So we arrive, no town, no historical buildings to speak of, just another tourist shopping district that reminded me of Tangers Outlets. So I just start walking toward Cuba, I think. Then I headed back towards Florida and shot what I could find to shoot - short shoot indeed! One thing to note, the only wildlife I saw was a buzzard, a few pigeons, and a bee?

This gallery is a collection of botanical, landscape, and what I found to be interesting - to say the least. Thank you Freeport, thank you Papa!

39 of 142 images are shared in this gallery "Show Me The Money"
The images are in the order they were shot from 8:49am - 10:24am

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Freeport, Bahamas

Show me the money

Great Agave landscaping, the red mulch sets it offI felt is as I were looking in the mirror counting wrinklesNice architectural designI would have loved to have seen the rest of the boat, but the guard who let me in was watching me
I loved seeing the symbiotic relationships between the plantsAbout fell backwards with this shotThis is the lighthouse the guard let me in to shoot, notice the sun once again would not cooperateSo I hear this boat powering up, I look out, and this guy is towing the dock off
Lounge chairs, Swedish babe, and cold beer is what I'm thinkingShooting over a locked gate trying to get closer... the guard is still watchingPyramids were also found in the Bahamas - saw it on "Ancient Aliens"OK - so maybe it's just a polite way to let you know when your car has left the road
What you see here is the world's smallest coconut - and I found itThe flowers I found made up for the lack of historic buildings and suchI liked the contrast between fruit and leaf"Flying Fish - Modern Seafood" opposed to...
I just like the way they decoratedTop floor, south terrace pleaseThis would look nice in my man cave - "honey, can I get a man cave"Love the English Crown and reflections
Boxing Day - I couldn't find it on "Pay per View"Why do people find it necessary to remove the keysThey all removed their keys... now I'm cold and wetI understand a the concept of a phone box... but not even two foot tall
Some days you're the windshield... Some days your the bugSo many memories lost in timeJust makes me think what road side views cost in Freeport"I coudn't see the trees for the forest"
I'm thinking they are "Coral reef araucaria" the cab driver could not ID them... Your input is needed Sorry, but I think these trees are so coolSo as I was shooting this one, a bee comes along...The yellow and brown was a perfect complement
Now how cool is this flower Notice the nectar dripping of the petals... what fragrance it offeredI'm walking along the road and happen to look down...Find me if you can... Google Earth
Yet another one that caught my eye I liked the white trim and the message... shoudn't we protect our big island as wellThank goodness I wasn't invited in